Defining Stewardship

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Lesson Text

Stewardship is easy to define, yet as a Bible study, there is not necessarily a verse or set of verses we can use to help us understand what it really means and what stewardship covers. For that matter, the Bible does not in one place help us understand over what we are stewards. Together, we will walk through Scripture and pull out the areas over which we are stewards.

Let’s start with a definition. A steward is like a trustee. A trustee or a steward does not own what he or she protects but is tasked with the management, oversight and administration of something. The “something” is owned by someone else. So the steward’s job is to manage someone else’s property.

In the Bible, over what are we stewards? Many people use stewardship to teach about money. This is, unfortunately, an incorrect – or perhaps, an incomplete – view of stewardship. Yes, money is included, but stewardship is to be a way of life. Stewardship covers much more than just money!

In 1 Corinthians 4:2 and 1 Peter 4:10, we are called to be both faithful stewards found trustworthy and to be good stewards. This word “good” can be hard to define. The Greek lexicon tells us that it means competent, able, noble and profitable. It speaks to our character. The word “good” is an adjective in the sense that we apply it to an object or person. That is a good apple or he/she is a good person. A good apple is one which both tastes good and satisfies hunger. A good person is one who will deal honestly with you, is able and noble, and is profitable with his or her talents and skills.

The aim of this Bible Study on Stewardship & Money is to frame an understanding of stewardship and what God expects from us on a daily basis. We will work towards building a comprehensive understanding of the way of life to which God calls us.