Bible Study on Stewardship & Money 2.0

Why should you take this course?

That’s an interesting question. Most people we work with know what to do with budgeting and personal finance, but ask, “How do I make it work in real life?”

Arin Reeves said, “Know your why and the how will follow. With no reason to change, change remains an empty word.”

This Bible study is your “why.” Why should you change the way you do personal finance? If you have a “why,” then the “how” will fall into place. You won’t need a lot of instruction on “how” because you will want to make it happen. Still, we’re here for you if you need help tweaking the “how.”

So, are you ready for your “why?”

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Bible Study on Stewardship & Money

Will God act on your behalf if you are not leaving room for Him to work? Will God show up in your life if you are not looking for Him?

The miracles of 1 Kings 17, 2 Kings 4:1-7 and even in the exodus teach us that we have to be involved in the work God does in our lives.

Through the topics of stewardship and money, R. Joseph Ritter Jr. CFP® EA teaches a Biblical understanding of God. If this course gave you greater assurance of your acceptance with God and answered lingering questions you have about your spiritual life, would it be worth it?

When you start this Bible study, you will receive

• 13 hours of video instruction with optional text
• 18 lessons in an easy-to-follow format (table of contents listed below)

Brought to you by:

Zacchaeus Financial Counseling, Inc. • (866) 862-2220 • Facebook

Table of Contents

  • Welcome!
  • Defining Stewardship
  • Stewardship 1: The Bible and the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ
  • Stewardship 2: Truth
  • Stewardship 3: Time
  • Stewardship 4: Talents, Skills and Abilities
  • Stewardship 5: Natural Resources
  • Stewardship 6: Body
  • Stewardship 7: Mind and Soul
  • Stewardship 8: Children
  • Money 1: Introduction to Bible Study on Money
  • Money 2: History of Money and Some Words from Jesus
  • Money 3: Providing for Your Family
  • Money 4: Be Careful with Debt
  • Money 5: Tithing
  • Money 6: Love Your Neighbor
  • Money 7: Where Scripture Collides
  • Money 8: Taxes
  • Money 9: Faith and Financial Planning