Integrating Faith and Money: Financial Principles for Christian Living

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Does Jesus care about our money habits? Do our money habits impact our relationship with God? Could the way we handle money affect our spirituality?

Does God provide in times of need even if we are not seeking Him?

Perhaps a better question is will God intervene in our circumstances if we are not looking for Him to work? If we are not seeking after God, we really are not giving Him a reason to intervene. If He does intervene, how would we know He is at work if we are not seeking Him or not leaving room for Him to work?

God often intervenes when He will receive the glory. Would God intervene if He received no glory? He would obviously receive the recognition, gratitude, and glory if we are seeking Him and saw that He is at work.

These questions and more are discussed in this course on the Bible and money.

These questions and more are answered in this course on the Bible and money.

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Table of Contents

  • Welcome!
  • Defining Stewardship
  • Stewardship 1: The Bible and the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ
  • Stewardship 2: Truth
  • Stewardship 3: Time
  • Stewardship 4: Talents, Skills and Abilities
  • Stewardship 5: Natural Resources
  • Stewardship 6: Body
  • Stewardship 7: Mind and Soul
  • Stewardship 8: Children
  • Money 1: Introduction to Bible Study on Money
  • Money 2: History of Money and Some Words from Jesus
  • Money 3: Providing for Your Family
  • Money 4: Be Careful with Debt
  • Money 5: Tithing
  • Money 6: Love Your Neighbor
  • Money 7: Where Scripture Collides
  • Money 8: Taxes
  • Money 9: Faith and Financial Planning