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Challenge yourself with a course! Lifelong learning is a matter of continually challenging ourselves with new growth in areas about which we would like to know more. We have created courses both to teach basic personal finance principles and Biblical principles on money topics.

People with often half-jokingly say that their parents never taught them how to handle money. Don’t let that be you! Personal Finance for Homeschoolers covers both personal and business finance topics and discusses a comprehensive review of financial principles.

This course is unique in that students are presented with quizzes in case-study format. Major parts of the course grade are to open a bank account, prepare a financial plan based on a case study, and prepare a business plan using a sample for a guide.

The cost for the course is $149 and counts for at least a half-credit to fulfill the high school personal finance requirement. Even if your high school curriculum does not require personal finance, it is a very worthwhile elective!

Anyone can take the class. Sign up even if you are not a student!

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When does God intervene in our difficult circumstances? Does Jesus care about our money habits? Do our money habits impact our Christian life?

These questions and much more are discussed in the course, Integrating Faith and Money: Financial Principles for Christian Living. The course includes nine lessons in both text and video format with suggested Bible reading in each lesson. The cost for the course is $49.

How should we define stewardship? How does the Bible define stewardship? What is a steward? How do we fulfill God’s calling on us to be stewards? These questions and more will be discussed in topical format in the course, What Is Stewardship in the Bible.

The course contains nine lessons with both text and video content and suggested Bible readings. The cost for the course is $49for a limited time the course is free! Click the link above for an expanded description and course list.

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