Honors College Bookkeeping

Need Help with Bookkeeping?

Zacchaeus Financial Counseling, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, in collaboration with the Honors College program of North Central State College is seeking qualifying applicants to receive free bookkeeping services.

The ideal applicant should be:

  • Low-income household
  • Startup business, struggling business, or just need help getting organized
  • Have difficulty affording to hire a bookkeeper or accountant
  • Resident of Western North Carolina (outside the area will also be considered, depending on the circumstances)
  • Non-business owners are also welcome to apply to receive assistance with cash flow management (must be a low-income household)
  • Services must be able to be completed by December 15, 2022

Services will be provided by a student majoring in bookkeeping in an apprentice relationship with an experienced, fully credentialed professional. The program is also supervised by an accounting professor at North Central State College.

Services are provided free as part of the Honors College program.

Only 5 to 10 applicants will be accepted. Contact Zacchaeus Financial Counseling to learn more or request to be considered.

866-862-2220 • joe@zacchaeusfinancial.org
Zacchaeus Financial Counseling, Inc.
125 N. Lakeshore Drive, Suite 9
Lake Junaluska, NC 28745